We recommend using Internet Explorer because this interactive form may not be compatible with other web browsers. This interactive form will create standard "feedback" letters for the cognitive testing portion of a CKiD participant visit. First time users should review the Instructions and Guide to Completing Feedback Letters for more detailed directions on completing this interactive form and generating the feedback letters. The name of person and email address of person generating the letter will appear at the end of the letter.

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  Fine-motor (enter T score) :   Fine-motor < 40:
  Receptive language (enter T score) :   Receptive language < 40:
  Expressive language (enter T score) :   Expressive language < 40:
  Early learning composite (enter standard score) :   Early learning composite < 85:
WPPSI-IV    *Scores for < 4 year old
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Full-scale IQ (enter standard score) :

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NIH Toolbo (Use Age-Corrected Standard Score on the Assessment Score Report)
  Picture Vocabulary   Above Average
Below Average

  Flanker Inhibitory Control and Attention   Above Average
Below Average

  Dimensional Change Card Sort   Above Average
Below Average

  Picture Sequence Memory   Above Average
Below Average

  List Sort Working Memory (7+)   Above Average
Below Average

  Pattern Comparison Processing Speed (7+)   Above Average
Below Average

  Oral Reading Recognition (7+)   Above Average
Below Average

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